Mechatronics is a subject that teaches mechanical and electrical knowledge, including coding, within the context of projects the girls complete themselves. It is high-tech, hands-on, deeply motivating, and rich. The students are supported by a specialist teacher in a collection of well-appointed technology rooms that come complete with 3D printers,  Lego robot kits, Apple TVs, programmable microcontrollers, workshop tools and many other resources that help them build their devices and gadgets.



Mechatronics mixes the creative with the scientific and shows our students that, just because they’re learning something in Maths, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have anything to do with Science or Art. It answers the question of why we need to learn Maths, Art and Science in the first place, and how these subjects could be useful in later life.

Senior students learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the importance this has on their lives. AI plays an increasingly prominent role in society, so our students are encouraged to develop a questioning mindset towards it. Their learning combines theory with practice; the girls add machine vision and similar AI systems to their own applications.