School Fees

One-off paymentsAnnual Fee10-monthly Installments
Application Fee (payable on application)$175
Acceptance Fee (payable on Offer of Place)$800
Years 1 & 2$16,250$1,625
Years 3, 4, 5 & 6$18,950$1,895
Years 7 & 8$20,800$2,080
Compulsory Development Levy
1 Daughter$850$85
2 or more Daughters$980$98
Application Fee$375
Acceptance Fee$1,550
International Student Tuition Fee Years 1-6 (paid in advance)$30,000n/a
International Student Tuition Fee Years 7&8 (paid in advance)$31,500n/a
International Boarding Fee (paid in advance)$16,400n/a
International Disbursement Bond (refunded if un-used)$2,000n/a
Boarding Fee (Domestic Students)$16,400
Casual Boarding Fees Daily$130 per night
Late payment fee for each month account is in arrears$ 150/monthly

A tuition fee discount of 5% per annum is offered for your second child and 10% for the third and subsequent child when concurrently enrolled and prorated on fees actually paid. This discount is for students attending Selwyn House School only and is not applicable to siblings attending our Pre-school.