School Fees

One-off paymentsAnnual Fee10-monthly Installments
Enrolment Fee (payable on application)$175
Acceptance Fee (payable on Offer of Place)$500
Years 1 & 2$16,250$1,625
Years 3, 4, 5 & 6$18,950$1,895
Years 7 & 8$20,800$2,080
Compulsory Development Levy
1 Daughter$850$85
2 or more Daughters$980$98
Application Fee$375
Enrolment Fee$1,250
International Student Tuition Fee Years 1-6 (paid in advance)$30,000n/a
International Student Tuition Fee Years 7&8 (paid in advance)$31,500n/a
International Boarding Fee (paid in advance)$16,400n/a
International Disbursement Bond (refunded if un-used)$2,000n/a
Boarding Fee (Domestic Students)$16,400
Casual Boarding Fees Daily$130 per night
Late payment fee for each month account is in arrears$ 150/monthly
Alumni Life Membership$300

A tuition fee discount of 5% per annum is offered for your second child and 10% for the third child when concurrently enrolled and prorated on fees actually paid. Please note conditions may apply.