Selwyn House School Alumni

We appreciate your continued support for your old school, Selwyn House. The Selwyn House School Alumni (formally known as Selwyn House Old Girls' Association) is an energetic group that provides a link between past pupils and the school.

We encourage all past pupils to reconnect with the Alumni. Updated contact details, news and accomplishments can be shared via

Selwyn House School is a unique and special place. The bonds formed endure, continuing well beyond the school gates.

Alumni come back as speakers, mentors, coaches, and role models for our young aspiring leaders. They support the school through fundraising, raising our profile in their communities, and participating in many events. It is wonderful for the girls at Selwyn House School to have these women in their lives as they become curious about their own future paths, and see for themselves that girls can do anything!

Alumniorganises and facilitates social events. We will keep you informed through our website, our Instagram or Facebook page, and regular email updates about events, gatherings and reunions in your area. It is important to keep your contact details current, including your email address. The Alumni newsletter, The Skylark, is sent via email.

The Alumni provides a bursary opportunity for a daughter of a mother with a current Alumni membership. The Selwyn House School Alumni also provides financial assistance with projects within the school, and is actively involved in the school’s governance through Board of Trustee representation.

If you would like to become involved with the association, re-connect with other Alumni, or update your details, please contact Tamara Tait,


Office Holders:

President:Tamara Tait
Vice President: Shelly Jackson
Secretary: Lucy Glausiuss
Treasurer: Sarah Dacre

Committee Members:

Carolyn Fletcher,  Rebecca Abbot,  Philippa Graham, Hilary Bell,

If you would like to join the committee or would like additional information on ways to be involved please contact


Friends of the Committee is a group which is happy to be contacted to support the committee in their endeavours. This committee includes Lucy Gould, Lucy Thompson, Anna Wilkes, Julia MacFarlane, Fiona Ensor, Honor Forbes and Angela Luhrs.


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