Years 7 & 8

In Years 7 and 8 every girl is encouraged to learn and thrive in new ways, to try different things, and to be resilient. The Senior School programme is carefully crafted to ensure that each girl is exposed to a rigorous spectrum of intellectually engaging experiences and challenges.

After completing the Senior School programme, she will be fully prepared for the next step in her academic career, well equipped with valuable life and social skills and ready to face any challenge with confidence.

“Challenge and choice create opportunities for every girl to discover who she is, and who she wants to be.”

Year 7 & 8 Curriculum

Our curriculum helps girls identify their own strengths and talents, and experience an extensive range of subjects. We enhance the capabilities of each student, seeking to tap into each girl’s potential. Our core subjects give students a strong foundation in these essential learning areas:

Art*, English, Health, Mathematics, Mechatronics*, Music*, Performing Arts*, Physical Education*, Science*, Spanish*, Social Studies, Units of Inquiry.
* Denotes taken by specialist teacher.

Girls Thrive Here

The senior programme offers extension and educational support according to each girl’s individual needs. All senior girls also participate in opportunities such as Space Week, Year 8 Camp, Years 7 and 8 Production (bi-annual), and running a whole school market day.

Discovering More

Community, respect, and empathy are strong elements of the senior programmes. In Year 7, all girls take part in a science and technology project, which is a robust and interesting learning experience where each girl devises a question that is of interest to them and conducts an original scientific inquiry around it, or designs and constructs a technological product to meet a need that they have identified.

In Year 8, girls are focused on an individual Passion Project. These are a year-long inquiry where girls explore something they are deeply passionate about, developing their skills and using them to make a positive difference in their world. Girls are mentored to support them in this venture. The growth seen in the girls as they work through this process is always impressive.

Pastoral Care

The well-being of each girl remains a focus of the Senior School. The entire school is committed to developing a strong sense of personal self-worth in each girl by immersing them in a safe and nurturing environment. Each girl is inspired to think about the kind of person she wants to be, not just what she wants to do. Questioning the kind of person she wants to be, helps her to be conscious of the identity she is creating.


Every girl has leadership qualities and senior girls are expected to serve in leadership roles within the school and as role models to younger students. Selwyn House School has a unique and comprehensive leadership programme specifically designed for all Year 8 girls. They each have a designated leadership role.

The leadership programme provides opportunities for involvement in practical, real-life actions which develop and strengthen leadership skills. Many Selwyn House girls go on to assume leadership roles in their secondary schools. We see this as an indicator of our successful approach to developing leaders.