Performing Arts Centre

The Carolyn Fletcher Performing Arts Centre is purpose-built music and performing arts building with dedicated practice rooms for itinerant music lessons, staging for productions, concerts and award celebrations and a well-equipped music room.


Indoor Swimming Pool

The heated indoor pool swimming pool allows for swimming lessons from Pre-school age.

Technology Hub & Mechatronics

Selwyn House School has a dedicated technology hub with 3-D printers to create exciting projects. All year levels have access to a spacious science and robotics lab with outstanding resources.

Dance Studio

The dedicated Dance Studio is a dedicated space utilised by the school, pre-school and after school opportunities.

Astroturf Field & Courts

Selwyn House School has a multi-purpose astroturf field for year-round play and outdoor courts for tennis, netball and basketball.


The multipurpose library has spaces for presentations and private study. The catalogue of publications both in hard copy and electronic versions are specifically chosen for the Selwyn House School girls.


Selwyn House School has a vibrant and dedicated Spanish language classroom.

Food Technology Room

A purpose-built food technology classroom that is suitable for primary age students.



There is a well-equipped art space with a kiln, printing press and large areas which facilities creativity.



Small Class Sizes

Each classroom is designed specifically to meet the learning needs of the year group with designated spaces for each girl’s personal belongings.

Boarding House

Boarders are provided with a chance to develop an understanding of others and the world in which we live, at a time in their lives when they are cementing their values and characters. It is important that all boarders and their parents and guardians understand that developing a ‘community’ is a key function of a boarding school.