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Leanne Glasson

Enrolments Co-ordinator


We invite all prospective families to learn more about the school by visiting and experiencing first-hand why Selwyn House School is the best decision you can make regarding her education.

Our Enrolments Co-ordinator, Leanne Glasson will be able to provide helpful information about the school, enrolment process, scholarships, uniform requirements and more.

Please complete the form on this page or contact Enrolments Co-ordinator Leanne Glasson (03) 355 7299 for more information, to schedule a personal tour or to attend an upcoming Open Day.

Enrolment Process

We encourage you to submit an Application for Enrolment as soon as possible for entry into Selwyn House School. Once all required documents are received and reviewed, an Offer of Place will be issued to successful applicants.

Families are encouraged to contact the Enrolments Coordinator for more information and to register interest, enrolments@selhouse.school.nz

When to Apply?

A family may submit an inquiry or a completed application at any time, however, we may have limited spaces given our application deadline system.

Families are encouraged to submit their information as early as possible and direct any questions to enrolments@selhouse.school.nz.

Enrolment Process Checklist

Schedule a Personal Tour or register for an Open Day via the booking system

Complete an Application for Enrolment

Attend an interview with the Principal

Student(s) attend an Experience Morning

Successful applicants will be sent an Offer of Place


Please note the interview with the Principal and the Experience Morning may not be the same day. Confirmation of Place and the deposit payment is required to hold the space for the child(ren). 


Those families interested in scholarships for the 2026 school year will need to apply and follow the scholarship process during 2025.

Click here for more information about scholarships

New Entrant and Year 1 Students

Families of students ages 5 and under are encouraged to submit their completed application as soon as possible.
Families are encouraged to attend an Open Day or schedule a personal tour.

Please complete this link for more information. Please notify the Enrolments Coordinator as soon as you are interested.

Years 2-8 for 2024 or 2025

Families of child(ren)  interested in starting during 2024 or 2025 are encouraged to contact enrolments@selhouse.school.nz as soon as possible. Please be advised that spaces may be limited for particular year levels. 

Years 2-8 - Starting in 2026

Families interested in starting in the 2026 school/calendar year are encouraged to attend an Open Day or a personal tour prior to the application deadline. Families will be asked to attend an interview with the Principal and an Experience Morning as part of the application process. 

Starting in 2027 or Beyond

Families are encouraged to submit their inquiry and/or completed application at their earliest convenience. Families are encouraged to attend an Open Day or a personal tour. 


Personal tours are scheduled by the Enrolments Co-ordinator and customised to the needs of each prospective family. Tours are provided by either the Deputy Principal or the Enrolments Coordinator.

Please register for a personal tour or contact Leanne Glasson directly, l.glasson@selhouse.school.nz



If you are interested in the co-educational Pre-school please click here or email preschool@selhouse.school.nz


Open Days

Open Days are a wonderful way to view the School and the Pre-school. Guests at Open Day have the opportunity to meet the Principal, Deputy Principal and speak with other teachers.  Tours are provided by current Senior School students.