Selwyn House Parents Association

The Selwyn House Parents’ Association (SHPA) would like to extend its warmest welcome to the girls and to their families, both those new to the school and those already familiar with this great community.

SHPA is part of the NZPTA. Our main goal is to work within the education system, to encourage parent involvement and participation to assist all children to develop their talents, self-esteem, and character and to ensure they have the ability to lead a full and productive life.

Throughout the year we host various events to help engage and promote positive parent and child relationships along with strengthening friendships and support within our community.


Our current committee members are all parents of girls at the school and are passionate about providing opportunities to our girls to help develop and strengthen relationships between parent, teacher and the child.

Katie Hack – President

Anna Jones – 2IC

Victoria Girvan – Treasurer

Laura Palomino de Forbes – Fundraising Coordinator

Renee De Luca – Secretary

Sarah James – Committee Member

Jo Macauley – Committee Member

Charlotte Malone – Committee Member

Sam O’neil – Committee Member

Clare Van Zyl – Committee Member

We value your assistance, support and help not only with fundraising but friend raising as well.



Popular current annual events include, Father & Daughter Breakfast, Mother & Daughter Event, School Disco, Parent’s Quiz Night, Family BBQ along with various other one off events.


  • The door is always open for you to attend any of the SHPA meetings; for more information please contact Katie Hack by email: shpa@selwynhouse.school.nz