In Term 3, students in Years 7 and 8 created speeches on a wide variety of well-researched topics.

Year 7 students were asked to prepare presentations in the style of a TED talk. To prepare them for this inquiry, all the students used an online gaming environment called Classcraft, where they went on a quest and analysed various TED talks to find examples of what makes a great presentation. They choose their own topic and then made a slide deck that argued their point of view, using what they had learned.

Year 8 students prepared written speeches to persuade their audience. They presented these in Pecha Kucha style, which uses slides to enhance their message and provide visual impact, in a similar vein to a TED talk.

Finalists from both year groups presented their speeches in front of two external judges. This year’s presentations were highly original, thought-provoking, and always extremely well presented.

Well done to all finalists with special congratulations to-
Year 7: 1st – Coco Brady, 2nd – Masha Pospolitak, 3rd – Honor Forbes
Year 8: 1st – Xanthe Pearce, 2nd – Sylvie King, 3rd – Sarah Cox