Congratulations to Alara Guzel, Harriet Pinfold, Sarah Mason and Annabelle Britt (Year 7) for getting 2nd prize in the EcoShop’s Build-a-Bot competition last weekend. The girls designed an interactive robot that gives a hugs. They worked together during Innovation Hub to build their robot out of e-waste that had been donated by the EcoShop.

“We decided to do this robot because with Covid you couldn’t hug people who weren’t in your bubble. Since we couldn’t hug people we decided that a robot that could hug people for us would be a great idea!”

It is wonderful to see our students develop technology with such empathy.

Innovation Hub is  is a project-based learning programme that runs on Thursday mornings for any interested Year 7 and 8 girls. It brings together all the skills and knowledge the students have attained over their school career and applies them to solve real issues within the school and wider communities.

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