Passion for Composition and Performance is “Worth” it!

Passion for Composition and Performance is “Worth” it!

In their final year at Selwyn House, all Year 8 students complete a Passion Project. This year-long project encourages critical thinking, creativity and global mindedness. In 2018, the girls were charged with using their passions to help solve some of the world’s “wicked problems” with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as the framework.

Olivia Eady connected with SDG #15- Life on Land. She chose to write a song about the responsibility to take care of our planet and went on to compose, record and mix her own original composition. At our 2018 Passion Project Showcase, she performed her song, “Worth” and the audience was so impressed.

Last week she performed “Worth” at the Christchurch Town Hall which was broadcasted live on the radio. She is now the first person to perform at the Christchurch Town Hall since the 2011 earthquake.

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POSTED BY: Jennifer Shepherd Date: 27th Feb 2019