Published Poetry

Published Poetry

Congratulations to Lizzie Jessep (Year 8), Annelie Surveyor (Year 5), Millie Sargent (Year 7), Lulu O’Donnell (Year 7), Bella Smith (Year 5) and Runika Ramezenian-Pour (Year 4) who have all had work published in the Otago Daily Times Supplement Extra!.

We love receiving our copies of Extra and discovering who has been published in the latest edition. Well done girls.

Runika wrote her piece, Cherry Blossom Butterfly, at the After School group.

Cherry Blossom Butterfly
In a small garden the cherry blossom butterfly
flies into the same place that she always goes.
The place that she always goes to is at my house.
She helps me choose the words I need for spelling.
She is very wise and silly when she carries a small leaf on her head.
When I am sad and lonely she begins to do a silly dance
then I begin to dance.
Thats’s why I love the cherry blossom butterfly.
POSTED BY: Jennifer Shepherd Date: 28th Jun 2018