Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Visit

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Visit

Last week on Wednesday the Year 7 students visited the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering wings at the University of Canterbury, as part of their Mechatronics and CREST programmes. In their own words:

“Having the robots shown to me was my favourite bit because I liked to see how they worked and how they could help other people” – Sarah Cox

“I think that the concept of Biomedical Engineering has affected me as a person because it has changed my thinking and perspective about robotics outside of competition, and robotics that has an impact on other people’s well-being and lives …” – Evelyn King

“My favourite invention was the lightning one, I found it extraordinary that the students remade something a mad scientist had done before them. I think this trip really helped me learn more about engineering.” – Mia Aitken-Jones

“Seeing these experiments helped motivate me because I felt like what I was doing at school is relevant and worthwhile and people years older than me are doing experiments that are similar to mine.” – Sylvie King

“We learned a lot on Wednesday. And it definitely gave us inspiration and ideas for Mechatronics.” – Xanthe Pearce

Our thanks go to Dr Chris Pretty for arranging this trip, and his continuing support and encouragement of our own Mechatronics programme.

POSTED BY: Jennifer Shepherd Date: 15th May 2018