Community Problem Solving Team Preparing for the United States

Community Problem Solving Team Preparing for the United States

The Selwyn House Community Problem Solving Team is currently preparing for their trip to the United States, where they will represent New Zealand at the international competition.

The team of Kate Gourley, Phoebe Donald, Bonnie Smith, Lucy Maynard, Alice Hunter, Miya Hartstonge, Cleo McLeod, Sophie Hodgson and Reed McHugh placed 1st in the Middle Division competition at the National level in late 2017.

Over the course of the first term of 2018 and the recent school holiday break, the girls have been hard at work working on their #letsbikechristchurch project as well as their presentation for the competition.

The Community Problem Solving Team has continued to work on their #letsbikechristchurch project under the guidance of the Christchurch City Council’s Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee (ITE). At a recent council meeting, the Community Problem Solving Team updated members of the ITE Committee regarding the progress of the overall project which includes having their prototype bikes turned into steel which will be distributed to local schools to decorate. Once these are decorated the bikes will be displayed in strategic cafes and local businesses as well as positioned near the cycle lanes.

Spokes, a member organisation of CAN (Cycle Action Network) NZ, is a non-profit, all-volunteer organisation dedicated to making cycling work for the Christchurch community. Spokes have indicated that they would like to work together later in 2018 as part of their Biketober event.

On 12 May a fundraising event ‘Theme America’ will be held for the girls travelling to the United States in June.

POSTED BY: Jennifer Shepherd Date: 15th Apr 2018