Year 7 Visit to the UC Robocup Competition

Year 7 Visit to the UC Robocup Competition

Year 7 visited the University of Canterbury’s College of Engineering on Tuesday 24 October to watch third-year Mechatronics students compete in a Robocup competition.

The event showcases university students, in groups of 3, who have designed and built autonomous robots to collect steel weights in an arena. Robots face off head to head in challenges to determine a final winner.

“The most interesting robot that I saw was the SPIDERMAN BOT. The thing that made this robot so interesting is that the robot was attached to a piece of string. The string was there to help the robot navigate around the ring and to show the robot where he has already been,” said Eva Johnston.

“The most important part of it was seeing how all robot were different and what designs they used and learning about mistake because lots of robots didn’t do what they were programmed to do and it was in public,” said Caithlin Wieberneit.

POSTED BY: Jennifer Shepherd Date: 24th Oct 2017