Wonderful Water with Years 1 -3

Wonderful Water with Years 1 -3

Years 1 – 3 participated in the “Wonderful Water” programme by Science Alive at Selwyn House on  12 September.

The girls inquired into the water cycle, learning that all living things need water, and that we can make choices about the way we use water. This led to ideas about conservation and how countries who have limited water cope.

Science Alive supported the girls with experiments and activities to support their learning.

At Selwyn House School, science is taught each week to all the Junior School girls. Science links to our Inquiry and involves “hands on” learning opportunities where the girls can experiment and find out more about the world with confidence.

For more information on how science is explored at Selwyn House School for Years 1 -3 please contact

POSTED BY: Jennifer Shepherd Date: 13th Sep 2017