Maths Across the Curriculum

Maths Across the Curriculum

Congratulations to the Year 7 students and teachers on their recent success at Cantamath! The theme for Cantamath this year was ‘Maths Across the Curriculum’ so Year 7 decided to create a dynamic, interactive display that has become a permanent part of the school playground.

They made a 1.8m high tree out of plywood, which has 3D printed symbols on its branches representing each curriculum area. The symbols sit on shelves that have information about how maths is integrated into their respective subjects. Our exciting new laser cutter was used to engrave the students’ writing.

What a magnificent display of maths learning applied to the real world, and another fantastic example of the strength of PYP transdisciplinary learning.

The girls now plan to turn the tree into a marble run by wrapping plastic tubing around it, further linking the curriculum areas and showing that they are not isolated subjects.

Their creation is on display outside of the 7C Classroom (opposite the ice-cream sculpture).

POSTED BY: Jennifer Shepherd Date: 25th Aug 2017