Month: May 2017

Robotic cat bowl to encourage feline fitness

Selwyn House student Kate Brown came up with the idea for a robotic cat bowl to encourage her overweight cat to exercise while he eats.

[lemonwhale vid=”ba7842df-2e53-4bbc-ba7a-4f18b5b044b5″ pid=”98fbeeef-b207-479c-8af6-6c06ee7026a0″ width=”” height=””] READ MORE

Date: 31st May 2017

Top Kiwi Mathlete From Selwyn House

Congratulations to Year 5 girl, Masha Pospolitak for being the top Kiwi Mathlete on the 21 May. How did she achieve it? The Mathletics student who achieves the most points […] READ MORE

Date: 25th May 2017