Cantamaths 2016 Supreme Class Award Winners

Cantamaths 2016 Supreme Class Award Winners

Year 7 students at Selwyn House School took home top honours last night at the Cantamaths competition at Horncastle Arena, winning the ‘Supreme Class Award’ for the book boxes they made for their school library. The students designed and made seven timber book boxes, based on a tangram, that could be moved around the floor to create geometric shapes and pictures. The project was the result of an identified need to make their library more interactive and dynamic.

The Year 7 classes have focussed on authentic learning tasks this year; tasks that are based on real-world problems and designed to provide rich learning experiences. The theme of Cantamaths was ‘Why Maths?’, which was relevant to the authentic learning goal, so the students used this opportunity to showcase how prevalent maths is in their lives.

The dynamic and original nature of the entry impressed the judges, who told the girls that they also liked the story behind their project. Tangram-shaped biscuits were baked, using a biscuit cutter made from the school’s 3D printer, and sold at lunchtime to raise money for the project.

The class teachers said they have noted a marked increase in student engagement and a more positive attitude towards maths as a result of this project.

The book boxes can be viewed in the Selwyn House School office, where they are currently on display.

POSTED BY: Jennifer Shepherd Date: 28th Oct 2016