Top Kiwi Mathlete From Selwyn House

Congratulations to Year 5 girl, Masha Pospolitak for being the top Kiwi Mathlete on the 21 May. How did she achieve it? The Mathletics student who achieves the most points […] READ MORE

Date: 25th May 2017

Pupils design tools to help those paralysed

Selwyn House pupils may have just invented some revolutionary tools to help paralysed people. Pupils from year 7 had Adrienne Coleman talk to them about some of the difficulties she […] READ MORE

Date: 13th Apr 2017

Schools use new technology in real life scenarios

A Christchurch primary school is using its new 3D printer to problem solve everyday issues for a local tetraplegic woman. Selwyn House School teacher Simon Christie called on his mother-in-law Adrienne Coleman to […] READ MORE

Date: 1st Apr 2017

MECHATRONICS at Selwyn House School from 2017

Selwyn House School will be entering an exciting new phase next year as it introduces a subject dear to the heart of many young futurists and would-be robot designers – […] READ MORE

Date: 1st Jan 2017

Christchurch school at forefront of IT learning curve

A Christchurch school believes it could have the next Mark Zuckerberg in their midst. From next year, all Selwyn House School pupils from the pre-school to Year 8 will be […] READ MORE

Date: 3rd Nov 2016